• Our mission is to protect the values ​​of polymer رسالت ما محافظت از ارزشهای پلیمر میباشد...

  • Our mission is to protect the values ​​of polymer رسالت ما محافظت از ارزشهای پلیمر میباشد...

Welcome to the Mana Sanat Tejarat:



Mana Sanat Tejarat is an importer, distributor and  provider of  relevant  commercial services   for  polymer additives and   polymer raw material  for polymer Industries . The  customers of Mana Sanat Tejarat are: Petrochemical companies ,  Polymer Compounding companies, Producers of masterbatch, Producers of Paint and coating , Automotive polymeric Producing companies and ... . 

Commercial Company “MANA SANAAT TEJARAT”


Major supplier of Antioxidants and  Aanti UV in Iran specifically manufacturing by South Korea


Supplier of  stabilizer  and  plasticizer  specific for  PVC


Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and tin intermediate material are the other products distributed by  our company.


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Mana Sanat Tejrat company

    Agent of Songwon in Iran,Azirbayjan, Turkmenistan and Uzbakistan                                                                                       

 Songwon and Sabo Synergy on Values Drives Partnership









All Petrochemical companies in Iran have been loyal customers of Songwon's product during past 6











  Ulsan, Korea – December 13, 2011 – Today,at the Annual GPCA forum 2011 in Dubai (UAE), Songwon Industrial Group has announced it has acquired Additives Technology Greiz (ATG), one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of One Pack Systems (OPS) products for the polymer industry. ATG’s...


Ulsan, Korea - November 20, 2014 - Songwon Industrial Co., Ltd. today announced a global price increase of 8% - 12% on a majority of its SONGNOX®, SONGSORB® and SONGXTEND™ product range of polymer stabilizers for the plastics industry. The increase is effective for all orders invoiced on or...




OPS(One Pack Systerms) products combine several additives into an integrated dust freeand robust pellet form reducing the handling of multiple materialsto one single flow path.


The Role of Stabilizers and Solutions inthe Design of New and Recycled PlasticMaterials for the Automotive Industry



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